Library Collection

Library collection is obviously one of the most important basic resources upon which the utility of library depends. Library collection is precious treasure of library. Delhi Public Library provides a wide range of books, journals and other reading materials in Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi & other Indian Languages for every one, whatever your reading taste. Library stock consists of 16 lakh books on variety of subjects including Books for competitive examinations, computer science, information technology, philosophy, religion, hinduism, social science, economics, political science, international relations, language and linguistics, science, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, medical science, engineering, literature, fiction, history, geography etc.

Library Collection Development

1. Acquisition:

Every year New books and other reading materials are added to the library through acquisition. The library has centralised purchasing system to acquire books and other reading materials published in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, Indian as well as foreign publications. The budget for this purpose is approximately one crore per annum. The Book Purchase and Processing Division (BPPD) of DPL is responsible to acquire the books and other reading materials for the entire system of DPL, under the provision of Book Acquisition Policy and on the basis of selection done by Book Advisory Committee in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. The net book stock of the library as on 31-03-2014 is 16,94,695.

Serials: All the Popular Journals, Magazines and Newspapers are subscribed for the readers use in the Reading Room of the library. Presently, 292 Journals and 32 Newspapers are subscribed and 100 Journals received as gratis. For more details contact The Assistant Library & Information Officer (ALIO),BPPD (Ph: 011-23993330)

2. Legal deposit under the D.B.Act, 1954:

Delhi Public Library was declared by the Govt. of India as the fourth Recipient Library under Delivery of Books & Newspaper Act 1954 (27 of 1954) (as amended in 1956) on 16th December, 1981. As per the provision of the Act, the Delhi Public Library is entitled to receive one copy of each publication from publishers in India at free of cost in Hindi English & all Indian languages. The D. B. Act Division monitors the collection of the books/publications received under D.B. Act. The total stock of this Division as on 31.03.2014 was 2,56,160. Besides, books approximately 1,300 popular periodicals and all leading newspapers are being received regularly under the Act in all languages. Books,Journals and other reading materials received under the Act are kept in the Reference Section of the South Zonal Library Sarojini Nagar for readers consultation

3. Gift :
Delhi Public library receives books through gift by individual, institutions and libraries to develop library resources. One may donate any number of books to the library but library accepts only those books which are in good condition and not available in the library. For more detail please contact  The ALIO, (SRD) Gift and Exchange Section (PH: 011-23993330)

4. Depository: 
Asian Development Bank Publications: Delhi Public Library has been nominated as Depository library for Asian Development Bank (ADB) publications since 1994. ADB provides Annual Reports, proceedings. This material is kept in the Central Library for the consultation of readers.